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October 20, 2020

Protecting Personal Items from Theft in Rental Homes

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When you move into a rental home, you will occupy a space that belongs to someone else and that therefore is not entirely private. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a personal and secure residence for yourself.

Therefore, any unauthorized access to your rental property is still a violation of your own privacy, and something you shouldn’t have to face. Still, if the worst does happen, and you experience a theft of property, you might find yourself facing a high recovery cost even though the loss wasn’t your fault.

Still, quality renters insurance will help you replace possessions stolen or lost due to a rental home break-in. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to prevent home break-ins and property theft in the first place. By working both with your landlord and alone, a few critical security steps can help you feel protected and safe in your leased space.

Step One: Get Renters Insurance for Possessions

Renters insurance is a lot like homeowners insurance because it protects you from unexpected or unavoidable accidents occurring on your property. However, it doesn’t cover the dwelling itself because you don’t own the home. Still, the policy can provide exceptional possessions insurance to help you repair or replace your personal property lost to a variety of hazards, including theft.

To get the appropriate possessions insurance, you can work with your agent to appraise the value of your belongings and settle on the right policy limits. Beyond your total possessions coverage limit, you can buy various scheduled items riders and other endorsements. These can help you more accurately insure possessions of value.

Step Two: Take Your Own Security Steps

Even though renters insurance can provide you with exceptional protection, you should still do everything you can to prevent theft from your rental home in the first place. Several practical safety steps to take include:

  • Asking your landlord to change the locks and reset security systems before you move in. Always keep your doors and windows closed and locked, even while you are at home.
  • Installing a smart technology home surveillance system. In many cases, you can install these systems without any modifications to the home itself.
  • Storing jewelry, money and other valuables out of sight of all visitors. You might store these items in safes in the home. Or, if you want a higher degree of security, consider storing these items in a safety deposit box off your property.
  • Asking your landlord if you can install a motion-activated light system on your driveway or near other entrances.
  • Knowing when your landlord, service providers or other visitors plan to stop by your home.

Always keep an eye on your possessions, and never let anyone you don’t know into your home. The better you look after your rental home, the more secure the home will be.


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